Marty - Sounds Inevitable?

Sounds Inevitable?

Dancing, singing and laughing shouldn't have to stop with age. Neither should your hearing. Hearing loss might sound inevitable but it doesn't have to be.

A spotlight on hearing loss in the U.S.

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John - outdoors


Don't wait, get your hearing evaluated today. I look back at my life, particularly in my 40's and realized how many experiences I missed with my family and kids growing up simply due to my hearing loss; not only isolating myself but isolating my entire family.

- John B.

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Velda - holding coffee mug


Since I got my hearing treated I find I am a much better listener, more in the present and focused.

- Velda M.

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Marty - Sitting on bench smiling


It seemed so important to share the benefits and joy of regaining my hearing with others who might be struggling or looking for a better hearing solution.

- Marty G.

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State of Hearing Report

More than half of Americans have a close family member with moderate-to-profound hearing loss and 9 in 10 believe it affects relationships with their loved ones.8 These findings come from the 2019 State of Hearing Report, which surveyed 7,200 people in five countries and discovered 7 in 10 Americans think hearing loss is unavoidable as we get older but just 4 in 10 got their hearing checked in the last two years.8


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